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About The Brand

Reckless Wonder is an apparel brand created by Andrea Mercer, the voice behind "The Modern Mommy Collective" on Facebook + @reckless.wonder on Instagram + also the founder of a national eco-conscious clothing project focused on promoting sustainable fashion and recycling children's clothes.  Andrea is passionate about children's fashion and brands that focus on quality over quantity.  She believes in ethical fashion, buying less and focusing on higher quality items that last.  

The Reckless Wonder brand combines minimalistic design and high quality materials to ensure that the socks have as long of a lifespan as possible.  They are designed to fit infants 6 months old and up to children roughly eight years of age.

The socks were born out of Andrea's frustration with not being able to buy decent quality, reasonably priced socks for her children.  She was looking for something that would stay on, stay up, be warm and comfy, have the right amount of grip to keep her kids upright and not slipping around on their hardwood floors, and could be used at play places etc.  With her children attending a outdoor classroom at their preschool multiple days a week all year round in all seasons;  Andrea had trouble finding socks that would provide that extra comfort and warmth up the leg in their rubber and winter boots. 

She found very expensive winter socks, but wanted something that would transition across seasons in Canada.  She tried cheap socks, which fell off her children's legs and feet, lost their softness after washing them and were not tall enough to raise up as high or higher than her children's boots.  Grip socks for her busy and active four year old were almost impossible to find. She got sick of paying for poorly made socks that were overpriced due to the manufacturers paying more for the licensing fees for the characters on the socks than the actual materials in the socks.  Andrea got a few pairs made, testing a bunch of variables and had her kids live in them for 6 months.

Reckless Wonder socks are designed and made with careful consideration;

- they are ethically made because that is extremely important to us (and should be important to everyone, quite frankly)

- a medium weight breathable combed cotton sock material, for optimal comfort, to be warm enough in the winter, but not too hot in the Spring

- they are an inch higher than the average sock, for socks to easily hug most of the bottom leg in the winter or for pants to be tucked into in winter boots or rubber boots, for extra warmth, or slouched down in the warmer months

- they are sturdy and a bit sticky, with rubber grip on the bottom.  Multiple variations of grip were tested to find just the perfect balance of sturdy, but not too sticky.  Infant and toddler socks have more grip than little kids, since our kids tend to get (very slightly) less reckless as they get a bit older

- adequate stretch to ensure that socks stay snugly on your child's foot and don't fall down or lose elasticity and shape after several washes

- minimalistic and classic design approach so they don't go out of style after one season

Reckless Wonder is simply about letting kids be kids; curious and reckless at times in pursuit of their wondrous imagination and need to constantly be moving and exploring.  When their feet get ahead of them, the built in grips keep them vertical